Expandable Spreader Bars

So I know we have all either experienced or heard of the legendary spreader bar....

But have you experienced this to it's full potential...It's full length...It's full superior experience.

Using this can heighten your senses.

Enhance every motion, touch, & sensation.

The surrender of control alone can create a stronger connection with the other individual.

Showing that commitment and that trust can bring you to the ultimate satisfaction.

Helping you to either hold the reins of pleasure in one grasp or simply letting go and submitting to a new expansion of teasing.

This will make your body go into survival mode, but your senses will want you to stay and enjoy. It's your body's automatic response.

This will give you the adrenaline boost that will increase blood flow and heart rate, which turns into physical arousal and sensitivity.

This will open a whole new voyage with stops including new tips, tricks, and positions.

Included are Velcro-fastened cuffs attach via quick release clips and are great for couples who already enjoy bondage, but are new to spreader bar play.

When you're ready for something more advanced, replace these cuffs with buckle fastened or lockable versions to take things to the next level.

You are only limited to your imagination with this item!

Key Features:

Expandable spreader bar with adjustable cuffs for tailored intermediate restraint

6 hole spring-pin mechanism adjusts pole between 29.5-37.75 inches for the stretch that suits your session

Soft cuffs with Velcro closure adjust between 6.5-12.5 inches for the perfect fit

Breaks down into 3 pieces for easy transport and storage

Quick-release clips and strong D-rings ensure reliable restraint that's quick to get out of if needs be

Indicator line enables easy adjustment

Can be used with your own choice of cuffs for custom spreader bar fun